Roadshow North America

Drive Project Success
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Roadshow North America

In the era of digital disruption, delivering project success requires putting in place the right project cost management tool with intensive integration capabilities.

‘Digital technologies, when applied comprehensively and efficiently, can reduce overall project costs by as much as 45 percent.' as a recent McKinsey analysis suggests. However, 64 percent of technical projects still face cost overruns. Despite many challenges, companies applying integrated project controls complete their projects within time and budget and drive project success.

Network session after work

Join us on 29 October between 6 and 7.30 pm to connect with industry professionals and learn more about Cleopatra in a relaxed atmosphere right after work. You can sign up for the Networking Session by filling in the form below and ticking the box ‘I’d like to attend the networking session on 29th October 2018’ on the form.

29 October - 9 November 2018 Houston, Calgary, and Edmonton This event has been concluded and signing up is no longer possible.

Cleopatra Enterprise is the leading Project Controls Software in the industry, which provides an integrated solution for project cost management. It is the only tool integrating cost estimating, scheduling, cost management and benchmarking.

For more than 20 years, Cleopatra Enterprise has been used by industry-leading companies to control mega projects and improve the project performance.


Cleopatra Enterprise LLC will meet with various companies at the Houston Office and through the USA and Canada, showcase our state-of-the-art software Cleopatra, and discuss:

  • How to drive project success in today’s challenging environment
  • The value of using a project controls software that integrates the disciplines cost estimating, scheduling, cost management and benchmarking
  • Best practices in project controls, which bring continuous improvement with Cleopatra Enterprise

Why Cleopatra Enterprise?

Cleopatra Enterprise offers many great benefits to your organization:

  • The only tool to offer true cost estimating and cost control functionality
  • Adaptable to your organization, yet easy-to-use
  • Advanced project analytics and benchmarking for better insight into project performance
  • Industry standard cost data available
  • Supported by experienced and certified cost engineers
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