Project Cost Management Software

Improve the performance of your next project with Cleopatra Enterprise

Cleopatra Enterprise is the leading project cost management software in the industry. 

Cleopatra Enterprise provides an integrated solution for project cost management, dedicated for complex projects and turnarounds. It is the only tool integrating cost estimating, work package management, BIM, scheduling, cost control, form tracking, benchmarking, and more.

For more than 25 years, Cleopatra Enterprise has been used by industry-leading companies to control mega projects and improve the project performance.

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“9 out of 10 mega projects have cost overruns.
Overruns of up to 50 % in real terms are common, over 50 % not uncommon.”

Bernt Flyvberg, Professor of Major Programme Management, Oxford University

Be in total control

State of the art technology

Supporting AACE’s Total Cost Management approach

Extensive interfacing possibilities with Excel, Primavera
and more

Anywhere Anytime Strategy with the Cloud

Project controls covering the full project lifecycle

Cleopatra Enterprise offers an integrated approach through the entire project life cycle in one system by including different disciplines within project controls: cost estimating, work package management, BIM, scheduling, cost control, form tracking, benchmarking, and more.

Reliable Cost Estimating

Sophisticated estimating methodologies are available to support each stage of your project, such as parametric cost models or intelligent import of MTO/BOQ sheets. Following the appropriate approach for the specific project phase establishes the accuracy aimed at.


Scheduling capabilities of Cleopatra help you get a strategic oversight of your project by adding the factor “time” to your project cost, activities, resources, and revenues.

Cost Management

Cost Management module works seamlessly together with the Cost Estimating module. That way you can easily recast your estimate into a cost management document and perform advanced forecasting, change & process management, earned value management and reporting. 

Project Analytics and Benchmarking

A powerful way of measuring the health of your project and getting an overview on your project portfolio. This helps you close the loop between cost estimating and cost management and eventually improve the performance of future projects.

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