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Project Cost Management

Project Cost Management is a discipline involving a wide range of activities to measure cost and productivity, such as:

This is done through the full life cycle of projects. At enterprise level, a portfolio view is used to manage the overall company assets.

Effective project cost management requires the use of standardized processes and dedicated cost management software to ensure that an accurate and reliable insight is given into the project progress and status. In general, the following aspects determine the success of a project:

People: Cost engineering demands teamwork and cooperative working

Processes: Clearly defined, systematic but pragmatic ways of working

Tools: Powerful but simple tools that aid communication and systems thinking

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Cleopatra Enterprise was built with these aspects in mind. It provides an integrated software solution for total cost management, covering cost estimating, budgeting, cost control and project benchmarking. Dedicated interfaces are built-in to align with planning tools, such as Primavera P6.

With Cleopatra Enterprise it becomes possible to follow the processes as defined in the Total Cost Management framework. Total Cost Management (TCM) is the effective application of professional and technical expertise to plan and control resources, costs, profitability and risk. Simply stated, TCM is a systematic approach to managing cost throughout the life cycle of any enterprise, program, facility, project, product or service. The TCM Framework is a representation of that systematic approach.

As an independent and reliable provider of total cost management software for more than 20 years, Cleopatra Enterprise has been a stable factor in an otherwise turbulent market.


Initiation through close-out phase

Budgeting & Forecasting

  • Manage costs, quantities, duration and hours for any number of budget types and revisions
  • Smart link budgets and forecast with Cleopatra Estimating or other cost estimating software
  • Multi-currency
  • Maintain cash flow forecasts including revenues
  • Apply performance measures for scenario forecasting
  • Manage escalation and contingency rundown

Change Management

Change Management

  • Control your changes during execution phase via dedicated Change Register
  • Changes can be estimated and imported from the Cleopatra Estimating module
  • Approve changes through the approval process
  • Adjust progress and manpower plan
  • Trend analysis in order to mitigate early warnings
  • Link changes with contracts/purchase orders

Actuals & Commitments

Actuals & Commitments

  • Minimize data handling through smart integration with designated business rules
  • Import actuals and commitments from ERP Systems and timesheets
  • Dedicated SAP integration
  • Analyze status of actuals (accruals, spent, invoiced)
  • Classify actuals and commitments for easy reporting

Earned Value Management

  • Define baseline progress and manpower curves
  • Seamless integration with Primavera P6 / Microsoft Project
  • Time phasing by linking control components to project schedule
  • Apply distribution curves or manual distribution
  • Create plots to visualize the CPI and SPI development

Progress Measurement

  • Progress management based on various methods including value of work, units completed, start/finish, weighted or equivalent units, milestones, physical % complete, earned value, level of effort
  • User defined milestones, e.g. to capture status of engineering documents
  • Track progress development through time and compare against the project baseline

Project Performance Reporting

  • Customizable dashboards
  • Out-of-the-box month-end reporting
  • Custom calendars and unlimited reporting periods
  • Measure performance and productivity using cost, hour and quantity controls
  • Configurable metrics and KPIs required to meet business processes
  • Graphical variance analysis to explain deviations
  • Prevent delay or cost overrun

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