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To control the costs in Microsoft Excel is one thing, but to keep track of your expenses, progress and income on the back of a napkin? And yet that’s what is still happening. Luckily not that often, but even in Excel there’s lots of room for error; all those manual entries are prone to mistakes.

Cleopatra Enterprise has an Excel-like user interface that’s easy to work with, yet automated a lot of tasks and fully integrates with its cost estimating functionality.


Continue where estimating stops

Where most tools are limited to either being cost estimating software or a cost control tool, Cleopatra Enterprise is both. As soon as you your estimate is approved, you can start controlling your project and always trace back cost components to its original budget. Scope changes? Estimate it costs and add it to your project controls document. Project completed? Feed back the actuals to your cost models to increase their accuracy and quality for future estimating.

Cost Estimating Software
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What it has to offer

Cleopatra Enterprise has been built with the user in mind. Our experienced cost controllers know what organizations need and don’t need when it comes to controlling the costs of a project.
The result is Project cost control software as it should be:


Seamless connection with estimating

Seamless connection with estimating

With Cleopatra Enterprise you have a unique combination of estimating and project control in one tool. You can instantly take your estimate as basis for your project controls document. This will minimize data handling and makes your work processes more efficient and free of errors.

This also works the other way around. The combination of estimating and project controls in one tool provides you with a unique feedback loop, where your actuals give you the data for increased estimating performance.

Time phasing

Time phasing

Successful cost controlling is not only about controlling your budget, but also making sure you are on schedule. Through Cleopatra’s time phasing functionality you can monitor your progress through time and compare it with the baseline schedule. Naturally, the schedule is directly imported from your scheduling tool.

By time phasing your budget and specifying your payment schedule, you have insights in your cash flow at all times. As a result, the project can be directed towards a cash flow neutral outcome. That way you can minimize your financial risks and deliver a profitable project.


Manage actuals & commitments

Manage actuals & commitments

Due to smart integration with third party tools you always have the latest figures at your disposal. You can then easily analyze the status of these actuals (accruals, spent, invoiced) and quickly classify those for easy reporting. That way you are sure the status report reflects the actual situation of the project.  

Earned Value Management

Earned Value Management

The Cost Management solution not only allows you to keep track of your costs, but also gives you instant insights in the hours, quantities, durations and even revenues. We provide an advanced suite of tools to perform Earned Value Management so you can easily keep track of the project performance. With the built-in progress measurement feature you can monitor productivity to use for more accurate forecasting. Based on this information you can prevent delays and cost overruns.

Central database

Cleopatra Enterprise is built on a database platform, which secures and stores the information about your projects in a central knowledgebase. That way, project controllers always have the required information at their fingertips.

Integration with ERP and planning tools

In project controls time is of the essence. When your monthly report is approaching you do not want to waste valuable time gathering data to compile your report. With our smart importing capabilities, transferring data from your ERP system has never been this easy.

Company specific business rules can be applied to accommodate intelligent exchange of vital financial information. As a result you now have more time to focus on the early warning signals appearing on your dashboard. With the Cost Management solution you are always in control to make the best decisions as quickly as possible.

Change management

Change management

Managing changes is essential in successfully performing cost control. Cleopatra uses a dedicated change register to keep track of changes and their status. The impact of changes on the project’s forecast can easily be visualized in Cleopatra, having a transparent overview at all times.

Bid evaluation and tender management

Variance analysis

Monitoring deviations is one thing, explaining the origin is just as important. For this purpose Cleopatra introduces the variance analysis functionality. Through a visual representation of the variances you no longer have to spend hours searching for explanations.

By zooming in you can focus on the variances that really matter. The flexibility for which Cleopatra Enterprise is known, is also present in the Cost Management solution. You can directly start controlling your project out-of-the-box, or tailor the setup to your organisation’s needs.

Real-time Dashboard Reports

Real-time dashboard reports

Being able to quickly present the project’s performance is essential during month-end meetings. Cleopatra provides configurable dashboard reporting that will clearly present the status of your project portfolio, giving you timely warning signals. Configure your dashboard to show live plots, cost reports, key (project) metrics, KPI’s and much more.

Control your budget and prevent delays

Control your budget and prevent delays

With the Cost Management solution in Cleopatra Enterprise you are able to easily control your budget. You no longer have to dig deep in the project’s dynamics and control accounts to identify the trends that are likely to cause expected overruns.

With predefined and customizable reports and dashboards you have the ability to act on the information that is most valuable to you, the project and the organization.

Cleopatra Enterprise in the Cloud

Cleopatra Enterprise in the cloud.

Data is safely stored in the cloud, meaning you 

always have access to the most up-to-date information.

Cost saving

With Cleopatra Enterprise being cloud-based, investing in new hardware will not be necessary. You can start managing your projects right away.


When your business is growing, Cleopatra Enterprise in the cloud will grow alongside you. Flexible and scalable, without the high costs.


Your data is protected and only accessible by designated users. In addition, you will always have access to the most recent updates.