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The pace of technological innovation in the railroad industry is rapidly increasing. As a result, projects become more complex and often more expensive. This shift brings with it the requirement for more professional, dedicated tools to manage the costs of those projects. Cleopatra Enterprise is not just software to keep track of costs; it helps you to truly manage them.

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Ease of Use

Ease of use

In comparison to other cost engineering solutions and especially Excel, Cleopatra Enterprise is very easy to use. Excel sheets can quickly grow over time and become very complex and difficult to handle. With Cleopatra Enterprise you don’t have to worry about maintaining the tool itself, but instead you can focus the management of your projects.

Speed up Workflow

Speed up your workflow

The transparency of Cleopatra allows you to quickly identify the cost drivers of your project and zoom in on the important details of the control document. You can quickly derive typical ratios, benchmark figures and key quantities to benchmark your project against previous projects, or your own experience. To get this information from Excel would take significant time on programming or development of complex macros.

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