Effective and accurate project cost management for the Power Industry

Is there any industry that sparks more public debate than the power industry? Focus always seems to be at costs from a consumer perspective, yet it is an even more substantial factor for suppliers. Based on a report from EY, power and utility megaprojects run 35% over budget and experience schedule delays by 2 years on average. Keep control of your budget and costs, and you will increase future success. With Cleopatra Enterprise, you will have a system that lets you estimate, control, and benchmark your project costs in a very effective and accurate manner.

The integrated solution Cleopatra can help you connect different disciplines and functions of project cost management. Shared knowledge and data through the full project life cycle lead to continuously improving the performance of your power projects. Based on your needs and requirements, you can choose from several solutions in Cleopatra, like Cost Estimating, Cost Control, and Project Benchmarking.


Ensure high-quality cost estimates

An accurate estimation method can be the difference between a successful plan and a failed one. Cleopatra Enterprise not only enables you to create all kinds of cost estimates, from factor to detailed estimate, but it can also minimize data handling, increase efficiency, and reduce the number of errors.

To ensure you make the high-quality estimates with Cleopatra for your projects, you need a comprehensive cost database acquired over the years. Cleopatra Enterprise can provide you with the cost database ready to use when building any cost estimate.

Cost Management

Continue where estimating stops - with controls and benchmarking

The cost control solution of Cleopatra allows you to keep track of your costs while giving you instant insights in the hours, quantities, durations, and even revenues. With an advanced suite of tools, you can perform Earned Value Management to keep track of the project performance easily. The built-in progress measurement feature lets you monitor productivity to use for more accurate forecasting. Based on this information, schedule delays and cost overruns will be prevented.

With Cleopatra Benchmarking, you can extract metrics from executed and running projects, discover trends in key cost drivers and ratios, compare the performance of projects and common assets, and improve the accuracy and reliability of the future cost estimates.

Total Cost Management for ITER

ITER is an international nuclear fusion research and engineering megaproject and it is one of the most ambitious energy projects in the world today. Find out how Cleopatra Enterprise supported ITER project as an integrated solution.

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