Estimates with specific needs and requirements

Investment decisions in the pharmaceutical industry often involve large amounts of money and a relatively short time to recover those costs. Therefore, estimates created for this specific industry have their own needs and requirements. Dedicated cost estimating software like Cleopatra Enterprise can really make a difference when it comes to critical management decisions.

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Security and privacy

The security and privacy of your cost engineering knowledge is of vital importance. With Cleopatra Enterprise you are in control of access to both information as well as functionality. This allows you to make sure Cleopatra Enterprise can be used throughout your project, without the risks.

Cost Engineers

For cost engineers, by cost engineers

Cleopatra Enterprise can be used to make all kinds of estimates, from factor to detail. Cleopatra Enterprise can be your key to a successful turnaround process as it allows you to estimate, analyse and keep track of cost quickly and accurately within one program. As a company, we recognize that there is more to estimating than just a software tool. Knowledge and experience is everything in a costing environment. Cleopatra is built for cost engineers, by cost engineers, who made sure to incorporate all they know about cost estimating and cost management into the software.

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