Onshore Oil & Gas

The industries main estimating solution

As a service provider that started its business in the Oil & Gas industry, it’s not more than logical that it was that same industry to first adopt Cleopatra Enterprise as their main estimating solution right after its launch. Although Cleopatra has a seen a significant increase in functionalities since then, and it’s being used by a wide array of industries nowadays, Oil & Gas is still the leading industry to use the software.

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Accurate knowledgebases

Our knowledgebase, available for use in Cleopatra Enterprise, enables you to estimate every aspect of your Oil & Gas projects with increased efficiency and accuracy, from foundations and scaffolding to equipment items and piping. You think of something, and it’s in our system.

Project Phases

For every project phase

Due to the use of different aggregation levels of which the estimate is built up, you’re able to make a quick, high-level estimate in the FEED phase and add details as the project progresses towards the execution phase, where you’ll end up with an extensive and accurate estimate for enhanced decision making.

Essar Oil
Neste Oil
Qatar Petroleum International



As one the world’s leading energy and chemical companies Sasol faced challenges in cost estimating that are commonly found in global organizations. Sasol’s estimating group generates approximately 50-60 estimates per month. Managing this number of estimates and guaranteeing quality and effectiveness in a convenient and structured way is a challenging task.

To overcome these and other challenges, Sasol started a careful selection process to look for a possible replacement of their in-house tools. This tool should allow for more efficient and accurate estimating, as well as quick benchmarking and bid evaluations. Being able to quickly make high-level estimates based on historical data is crucial and gives Sasol the opportunity to challenge their contractors. Sasol identified Cleopatra Enterprise as the tool that could bring these and other improvements.

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