Offshore Oil & Gas

All the relevant data ready for use

Although Cleopatra can be used in any kind of industry as long as a company brings its own knowledge, in case of off shore, we have all the relevant data ready for use. Through years of experience in the field and the gathering and processing of relevant data, we managed to have a complete and up-to-date knowledgebase for all kind of off shore projects.

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Project Life Cycle

Full project life cycle

Cleopatra Enterprise provides you with the cost engineering tools needed for the full project life cycle. From identification to abandonment, you can have a firm grip on the situation. Part of the key to the full life cycle approach can be found in the functionality within Cleopatra Enterprise. But another important part is the ability to interface with other software used on your project. Making project analysis has never been this easy nor this complete. Cleopatra Enterprise gives you the best grip on all cost aspects of your project.


Sharing knowledge

As your organization runs projects on a global scale, you need to be able to share your knowledge and information worldwide. Cleopatra Enterprise allows you this freedom. When you choose to share confidential information over the internet, security is of utmost importance. Because your information needs to stay in your hands. For this reason Cleopatra Enterprise has been equipped with the latest technology in online authorization.

Essar Oil
Neste Oil
Qatar Petroleum International

"Cleopatra fits our needs perfectly"

What better way to describe the added value of Cleopatra than through the words of one of the world’s largest offshore oil & gas companies: "Recently, our estimating department needed to find a replacement for our very dated estimating software. After looking at many applications we settled on Cleopatra, and we are glad we did. Cleopatra fit our needs perfectly. This flexible yet powerful software has a great look and feel, and is very user friendly. Thanks for providing this excellent product."

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