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At Cost Engineering, we understand that managing project costs, as well as operational costs after project completion, are key to company success in the mining industry. Our software Cleopatra Enterprise is designed to suit the typical needs of your company to ensure you have true control over your costs.

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Modules and Plugins

Modules and plugins

The modular concept of Cleopatra Enterprise ensures you can tailor our software to become your perfect cost engineering tool. You can choose from a number of modules to fit your needs. All of them created with the purpose of enhancing your possibilities as a cost engineer. However, your organization might have needs that call for something out of the ordinary. For this reason, we have enabled the use of plugins in Cleopatra Enterprise which can give you the edge you need.



In project controls, time is of the essence. When your monthly report is approaching you do not want to waste valuable time gathering data to compile your report. With our smart importing capabilities, transferring data from your ERP system has never been this easy. Company specific business rules can be applied to accommodate intelligent exchange of vital financial information. As a result you now have more time to focus on the early warning signals appearing on your dashboard. With the Cost Management solution you are always in control to make the best decisions as quickly as possible.

Sherritt Metals

Sherritt Metals

Sherritt Metals started using Cleopatra several years ago, and here’s what they have to say about it: “Most programs appear to have the same functionality, but once we dug a little deeper, it became clear that we would have more work ahead of us with other systems. Getting the most accurate cost information with the least amount of work is something every company looks for. I recommend Cleopatra to anyone who wants to streamline the process and gain a competitive edge.”

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