Capex and Opex estimates

In recent years, the marine industry has seen a significant decrease of profit margins and number of orders due to worldwide challenging economic circumstances. This development (further) enhances the need for efficient and accurate Capex and Opex estimates to ensure future profitability and reduction of risks. Cleopatra enables you to make even better decisions between executing projects and abandoning them through its accurate estimating functionalities.

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Used by cost engineering professionals

Cleopatra Enterprise is used by our own cost engineering professionals and our worldwide clients for various types of projects. From capital projects (CAPEX) to operational maintenance projects (OPEX) and from greenfield to brownfield projects. Cleopatra is even used as a total cost management solution during complex turnarounds.


Unique combination

With Cleopatra Enterprise you have a unique combination of estimating and project controls in one tool. You can instantly take your estimate as basis for your project controls document. This will minimize data handling and makes your work processes more efficient and free of errors. This also works the other way around. The combination of estimating and project controls in one tool provides you with a unique feedback loop, where your actuals give you the data for increased estimating performance.




Specializing in design, development, lease and operation of tanker-based production and storage systems and provider of Single Point Mooring systems, multinational Bluewater is using Cleopatra Enterprise for its estimating activities for a diversity of projects.

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