Diverse and complex projects

Knowing that projects in the chemical industry are often the most diverse and complex that can be found, it comes as no surprise that both cost estimating and cost management are essential to project and company success. Cleopatra Enterprise enhances the effectiveness and accuracy of your cost related activities leading to increased profitability.

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Efficiently generate reports

With the Cost Management solution in Cleopatra Enterprise you are able to easily control your budget. You no longer have to dig deep in the project’s dynamics and control accounts to identify the trends that are likely to cause expected overruns. With the Enterprise dashboard you can efficiently generate reports for early warnings and the latest metrics and KPI’s within your project.

Cost Management

Cost Management solution

Monitoring deviations is one thing, explaining the origin is just as important. For this purpose Cleopatra introduces the variance analysis functionality. Through a visual representation of the variances you no longer have to spend hours searching for explanations. By zooming in you can focus on the variances that really matter. The flexibility for which Cleopatra Enterprise is known, is also present in the Cost Management solution. You can directly start controlling your project out-of-the-box, or tailor the setup to your organization’s needs.

Evonik Industries



One of the world’s largest plastics, chemical, and refining companies, LyondellBasell, uses Cleopatra to create estimates for a wide range of projects in order to establish feasibility in their early phases and budgeting requirements ahead of project execution.

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