Unrivalled estimating and cost management functionalities

Demand increases, legislation regarding noise control becomes stricter, the call for sustainable building gets louder, and, to top it all off, budget control remains a top priority. It’s not easy to build new or expand existing airports nowadays. To ensure project success, a project manager really needs to have professional tools to support him. For example the unrivalled estimating and cost management functionalities of Cleopatra Enterprise.

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Class 5 - class 1 estimating

Being able to perform class 5 - class 1 estimating, as well as cost control in one single tool, results in significant efficiency gains. There is no need to export and transfer your estimate to another tool, or different spreadsheet, losing the risk of incomplete or inconsistent data transfers.

This integrated solution has several key advantages, such as:

  • Seamless transfer through the different estimating and cost control stages;
  • Using the output of the estimate as input for the next estimate or your control document;
  • Reducing the risk of errors in data transfer to a minimum.

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