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Cleopatra E-Learning Course Overview

The Cleopatra Enterprise e-learning modules allow users to complete the software training at their own preferred time and location. The e-learnings include clear instruction videos, exercises and tests. Furthermore, users can always get in contact with a real trainer for assistance.

The costs of the e-learning are € 595 for each module. This fee grants access to one user for a period of one month.

Below you can see an overview of the available e-learning courses.


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Cost Engineering Academy

Cost estimation fundamentals

Cost Estimation Fundamentals

The Cleopatra Enterprise Cost Estimation Fundamentals training focuses on the estimating module in Cleopatra Enterprise, showing multi-disciplinary estimates from high level to details. You will get insight in estimating quicker and more accurately as well as automating estimates through the use of the interfaces for Bills of Quantities or Material Take Offs.

After an estimate has been made, you will need to present that estimate to others involved in your project. You will learn how to use Cleopatra Enterprise’s extensive reporting module to present anything from project details for your team to business intelligence for your management.

After the Cleopatra Enterprise Cost Estimation Fundamentals training you know how to use Cleopatra Enterprise as an estimating tool for your projects. You will be able to use it for all cost related activities whether it is in conjunction with other software tools or other people. This course also is the basis on which the Cleopatra Enterprise Advanced User Training will build.

Estimated time to complete: 16 hours

Cost estimation advanced

Cost Estimation Advanced

The Advanced User Training of the Cost Engineering Academy will reveal even more features of Cleopatra Enterprise. It will teach you about the benefits of using allowances, escalation and contingencies. You will also take a closer look at the benefits of using currency rate lists, calculation sheets and cost libraries. You will also learn to weigh your estimate against your market expectations by using the analytic scenarios built into Cleopatra Enterprise.

This training also teaches you a lot more about configuring Cleopatra Enterprise to get the best out of the estimating module. Whether it is in reporting, interfaces or workflow, after the Advanced User Training you will be able to configure them to your projects best requirements.

After the Cleopatra Enterprise Advanced User Training you will be able to make better use of the estimating capabilities of Cleopatra Enterprise, improving your estimates accuracy and reliability even more. You will also have learned a number of tips and tricks to increase your efficiency and you will be able to tailor Cleopatra Enterprise much better to the requirements of your project. The Cleopatra Enterprise Advanced User Training helps you add value to your projects.

Estimated time to complete: 8 hours

Project Analytics

Project Analytics

The Project Analytics module is the go-to tool for data mining and estimate reviewing. It allows the user to compare bids, combine estimates and re-use historical information.

It allows users to group total costs spanning multiple estimates and drill deep for specific information. Project Analytics allows the user to further focus on analysis, regression fits, trends and key quantities.

During this course you will explore all possibilities of the Project Analytics module, adding value to your everyday work. 

Estimated time to complete: 8 hours

Cost Management

Cost Management

The Cost Management Training helps you to configure and change the layout of the cost management module of the software to your exact needs, making it show only the data you require. This will help you to set up a budget faster and more consistent.

The training also teaches you how to divide your cost control components in categories such as cost control, escalation, contingency and/or revenue components. Perform control on any combination of cost, hours, quantities, duration or earned value. 

Learn how to use the registers meant to manage changes, trends, transfers, commitments, actuals, cash-in and progress items (e.g. milestones). 

You will gain experience in using multiple currency rate lists, how to create rate lists for durations and quantities and how to define custom status, fields and units.

Track progress with snapshot periods over custom time intervals, show grand totals, perform a variance analysis, extract project metrics and component metrics and show them with custom gauges, configure plots, take a look at cash flow charts and create reports for your board reviews.

Estimated time to complete: 16 hours 

Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management

The Portfolio Management training enables you to study your entire project portfolio, without losing valuable detailed information. KPIs and custom metrics can be applied to all projects at once to study your portfolio’s performance and benchmark projects. You will learn how to integrate even more business intelligence in one software package for more efficient decision making.

Practice how to generate and view the cash flow of the entire portfolio and steer your company to maintain a healthy working capital. The training will teach you how to incorporate a correlation matrix to extracts metrics and other performance indicators and study how they influence each other. You will be encouraged to try and find correlations between elements in the project to further enhance your project controls.

You will also learn how to set up and manage a portfolio of projects. We will show you how to filter out parts of your portfolio based on breakdown structures and classification structures. This gives a whole new dimension to the information that you visualize in charts and tables.

Estimated time to complete: 8 hours

Cleopatra Administrator

Cleopatra Administrator

For the users that are responsible for the day to day operations with Cleopatra Enterprise, Cost Engineering offers the administrator training course. This course ensures you have all the knowledge you need to manage both the program and its users and permissions.

In the Cleopatra Administrator training the focus will lie on setting up security for your users. The administrator will get insight in how to configure a database regarding users, roles and work groups.

Estimated time to complete: 8 hours


Knowledgebase Development

At Cost Engineering we are well aware of the fact that it is the data that brings value to your estimates. This is why we take great care in building Cost Engineering’s standard knowledgebases (CESK). However, these won't always be the solution to all your data needs. That is why Cleopatra Enterprise enables you to use your own custom knowledgebases. The Cleopatra Enterprise Knowledgebase Training teaches you how to create and maintain your own knowledgebase.

The training starts with defining knowledgebases and explaining its various parts. After that you will learn the best way to build one yourself.

Since a knowledgebase should be kept up to date and maintained for high quality estimates, the second part of this training focuses on maintenance. The training will also discuss how to set up and implement a coding structure to be able to search easier and to connect to other software tools.

After you have concluded the Cleopatra Enterprise Knowledgebase Training you will be able to set up, build and maintain your own knowledgebases to add value to your estimates.

Estimated time to complete: 8 hours


Cost Models & Scripting

Cleopatra enterprise offers a lot when it comes to estimating. Scripts are another example of tooling that helps estimators stay competitive. Scripts originated as a concept within cost models, and we believe starting at that basis helps users understand the possibilities better.

The cost model training not only shows you how to create those models but also takes a peek at the many options you have. Cost models can be used as calculation sheets but can also be turned into parametric models ranging from cubic meter calculators to complete plant designs. Many of our customers have concepts within their estimating tool kits that are subject to frequent changes. Cost models are an excellent aid in adapting to these changes.

The skills you'll gain from this training can be directly applied to scripted mappings. Scripted mapping has a few more ground rules and a subset of extra functionality. The scripted mappings are typically used to match BoQ estimates, MTO lists, engineering software output and other input sheets to Cleopatra knowledgebases.

Estimated time to complete: 8 hours