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Renewable energy: The impact of declining costs and true project controls

Renewable energy: The impact of declining costs and true project controls

By 2035, more than 50% of global power generation will come from renewable sources. As related technology advances and the cost of renewable energy continues declining, new opportunities will be revealed. 

Can the energy industry simultaneously capture cost-saving opportunities and help shape a more sustainable future? How do digitalization and integrated project controls contribute to this?

Watch the webinar as we discuss

  • Recent advances in renewable energy
  • The fast growth of renewables and what this means for the renewable players as well as the traditional Oil & Gas industry players
  • The power of digital and integrated project controls systems in staying competitive in the renewables industry
  • Maximizing the cost-effectiveness along the project lifecycle from cost estimation to cost control, benchmarking, collaboration, and data analytics 

Featured Speakers

Valentijn Kortz

Valentijn Kortz, Sales Executive

During his career, Valentijn gained experience working for several IT service providers and software companies. He advised businesses to adopt advanced software solutions to improve internal processes, automate tasks, and improve services towards clients.

Intrinsicly motivated to contribute to a better world, Valentijn is now focusing on the renewable energy market and how digital project controls can help shape a more sustainable future.

Stephanie Ritchie

Stephanie Ritchie, Project Controls Expert

Stephanie holds a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and a Master’s degree in Engineering (Civil). For a number of years, she worked in the field as a Site and Project Engineer internationally, both in the offshore and construction industry.

Now, working as a Project Controls Expert at Cost Engineering Consultancy, Stephanie is bringing this knowledge alongside the software solution Cleopatra Enterprise, to help major companies within a variety of industries to better their project performance.

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