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Mining Projects during Supercycle: Maximizing Value from Digital Cost Estimating

The mining industry is known for its volatility due to the cyclical nature of metal and mineral prices. With a possible new supercycle on its way, the industry will have to deal with unprecedented price increases and fierce competition.

Yet opportunities remain for the mining companies to improve their project performances. During this webinar, you’ll discover how digitalization of cost estimation can improve the performance of your CAPEX mining project. We’ll show you how to set up accurate estimates within a small timeframe and limited scope, and the drivers of estimate accuracy, so your mining project will stay ahead in this highly competitive market.

Watch the webinar with Shamir Sheikkariem and Jaco Spamer, and discover how to overcome the challenges of a supercycle.

Duration: 60 minutes

Watch the webinar as we discuss

  • The commodity supercycle
  • Key challenges of CAPEX performance during a supercycle
  • The benefits of digitalization for Cost Estimators in the mining industry
  • The AACE guidelines for cost estimating
  • An inside look at Cleopatra Cost Estimating for mining projects
  • Q&A with the experts

Watch the Webinar

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Featured Speakers

Shamir Sheikkariem

Shamir Sheikkariem, Project Controls Mining Industry Expert

Shamir holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mineral Resource Management and a Master’s degree in Mineral Geosciences. He has 10 years of operational, active exploration and technology consultancy experience in mining and energy industries in the Netherlands and Suriname.

The lessons learned, and the experience gained continue to define Shamir into the experienced professional he is today. With a strong focus on digitalization, Shamir is now working with the mining companies and he is determined to contribute to a sustainable future through digital project controls in the mining industry.

Jaco Spamer

Jaco Spamer, Cleopatra Enterprise Expert, Cost Engineer

Jaco holds a Bachelor’s of Technology in Quantity Surveying. During his professional career, Jaco gained extensive experience in feasibility studies and cost management for major projects related to mining process plants in South Africa.

Now, working as a Cleopatra expert and Cost Engineer, Jaco combines his experience alongside the software solution Cleopatra Enterprise, to assist companies within a variety of industries to improve their cost estimating processes.

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