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60 Minutes

A new look at EPC Projects: Improvement via Digital Project Controls

Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) projects are highly complex and face many challenges. Whether you’re managing a complex capital project (CAPEX) or a time driven maintenance project (OPEX), EPCs often go hand in hand with schedule delays and cost overruns.

During this webinar, you’ll discover how digital project controls can enhance the performance of your EPC projects. We’ll show you the best practices of monitoring cost and schedule, which leads to project cost efficiency and minimizing manual efforts.

Watch the conversation with Vanessa Sutterlüti and Valentijn Kortz to benefit from a proven approach behind successful EPC projects.

Watch the webinar as we discuss

  • How EPC projects are managed traditionally
  • Differences in cost control between EPC companies and owners
  • Cost-related challenges EPC companies are facing during project execution
  • How to overcome these challenges by:
         -     Digital Field Change Management
         -     Earned Value Management
         -     Forecasting
         -     Reporting & dashboard visualization
  • A brief introduction to Cleopatra Enterprise and how it can help improve the performance of EPC projects

Featured Speakers

Valentijn Kortz

Valentijn Kortz, Sales Executive

During his career, Valentijn gained experience working for several IT service providers and software companies. He advised businesses to adopt advanced software solutions to improve internal processes, automate tasks, and improve services towards clients.

Intrinsicly motivated to contribute to a better world, Valentijn is now focusing on the renewable energy market and how digital project controls can help shape a more sustainable future.

Stephanie Ritchie

Vanessa Sutterlüti, Project Controls Expert

After accumulating several years of international experience, Vanessa now works as Project Controls Expert at Cost Engineering Consultancy serving companies in North America and Europe with the advanced software solution Cleopatra Enterprise.

In this way, Vanessa helps major companies in industries like oil and gas, chemicals, energy, pharmaceutical, mining, and other process industries to improve their project control processes. Furthermore, Vanessa is a regular speaker at project control events.

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