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Improving project performance through digitalization

The Australian economy is thriving thanks to the digital transformation initiatives taken.

Discover how you can harness the opportunities from digital technology to improve your project cost management and how Cleopatra Enterprise can help .

Schedule a meeting with us / request a demo of Cleopatra by following the 3 steps below. You can also meet us at the Project Control Expo in Melbourne on 26 November.


25 Nov. - 6 Dec.


Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth

26 Nov.

Project Controls Expo


Can't join at these locations?

We can also contact you online, just schedule a meeting

Schedule a meeting in 3 Steps

Step 1: Which project controls needs can you relate to?

Path A - Integration

Topic A - I need an integrated approach to drive project success

"Project controls teams in my company work in silos. We’re interested in integrating disciplines such as cost estimating, scheduling, cost control, and benchmarking and share the project data among teams.

That’s why we need a one-stop-shop software system with the latest technology."

Path B - Cost Estimating

Topic B - I want to achieve accurate Cost Estimating

"Cost estimation in my company is handled by Spreadsheets/a cost estimation tool, which is not enough to meet our requirements. Also, we are interested in performing different classes of estimates.

We need a software system to improve our cost estimates."

Path C - Cost Control

Topic C - I need to perform timely and full Cost Control

"I am looking for a software system to support our cost control. Usually, we just use Microsoft Excel/no tools. We need to keep track of our expenses and progress in a more efficient way without losing time with the manual work.

Also, it could be interesting to connect our cost estimation with cost controls ."

Path D - Benchmarking

Topic D - I am interested in comparing project performances through Benchmarking

"We need a software system to compare the performances of our projects and common assets to define trends in cost drivers and ratios.

That’s how we’ll improve our decision making process and therefore future estimates."

Step 2: Find out the preliminary agenda of the meeting with our Project Controls Expert

  • Discuss your project controls initiatives, challenges, and needs in your selected Roadshow Path
  • Understand how to drive project success in today’s challenging environment
  • Learn how you can start using digital and analytics to improve your project cost management processes
  • Get started on your digital project controls transformation journey with Cleopatra Enterprise

Step 3: Fill in your information

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