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Cleopatra Enterprise is used by clients across the globe, cross-industry. Here are four examples that illustrate its success with improving business practices.


Sherritt is a world leader in the mining and refining of nickel from lateritic ores with projects and operations in Canada, Cuba, Indonesia and Madagascar. Sherritt licenses its proprietary technologies and provides metallurgical services to mining and refining operations worldwide.

Sherritt felt that the number of estimates and the size and complexity of the projects had outgrown the capacity of their original estimating tool. With operations in more than one location, they had duplicate systems and data. This made it difficult to capture and collect historical project data into a centralized database. Furthermore, the in-house tool they had developed was getting more and more difficult to maintain and update, which was costing too much time.

With Cleopatra Enterprise, they now have all cost data in a centralized database, where it is also very easy to find specific information in the vast number of items, saving a lot of time. Due to the intelligent categorization, the risk for mistakes is also reduced significantly.

The cost models in Cleopatra Enterprise allow them to make solid cost estimates of various types of equipment during the early project phases (conceptual design), based on the design specifications, such as material type and sizing. This allows them to better compare the cost impact of design alternatives and therefore choose the most cost efficient solution.

As one the world’s leading energy and chemical companies Sasol faced challenges in cost estimating that are commonly found in global organizations. Sasol’s estimating group generates approximately 50-60 estimates per month. Managing this number of estimates and guaranteeing quality and effectiveness in a convenient and structured way is a challenging task.

To overcome these and other challenges, Sasol started a careful selection process to look for a possible replacement of their in-house tools. This tool should allow for more efficient and accurate estimating, as well as quick benchmarking and bid evaluations. Being able to quickly make high-level estimates based on historical data is crucial and gives Sasol the opportunity to challenge their contractors. Sasol identified Cleopatra Enterprise as the tool that could bring these and other improvements.

With the implementation completed and the main objectives achieved, the roadmap for the near future is being defined. Some of the focus areas are for example the continued development of additional cost models derived from project actuals. The integration with cost management and project controls will be an interesting area, with the Cleopatra Enterprise Cost Management module providing ample opportunities to integrate the cost estimating and project controls functionalities in one tool.



ITER is one of the most ambitious energy projects in the world today. In southern France, 35 nations are collaborating to build the world’s largest tokamak, a magnetic fusion device that has been designed to prove the feasibility of fusion as a large-scale and carbon-free source of energy based on the same principle that powers our Sun and stars. 

On behalf of the ITER Organization, Cost Engineering used its cost estimating software Cleopatra Enterprise to estimate the assembly and installation costs of over 20 of the project’s core systems. After familiarizing itself with the project and its specific requirements, an assessment phase followed, in which Cost Engineering identified and described recommendations to increase the quality of the estimates in order to achieve a Class 3, 30% accurate estimate.

The result after 12 months collaboration was a large set of very well structured estimate reports, each containing the estimate methodology, estimate basis, allowances, labor rates, productivity & cost factors, indirect costs, exclusions, contingency and escalation. This extensive way of reporting has led both to an increase in accuracy and to high levels of transparency, which ITER values highly. 



Engineering and consulting firm Witteveen+Bos is involved in the design and planning of an expansion project for an important highway in the Netherlands, the A9 at Amstelveen. The goal is to increase the capacity of the highways of this important business district near Amsterdam and Schiphol airport. Part of Witteveen+Bos’ services was to determine the construction costs, for which they employed Cleopatra Enterprise.

Cleopatra has been used for two reasons: In the early project phases its parametric cost models were used to estimate costs for different alternatives. These models included design parameters to determine the project’s cost. For instance, relations between size, shape and material of sound insulation were linked to costs. Since this project is cost driven, this method proved to be very helpful in determining the best path forward.

Secondly, Cleopatra was used to split up the contribution of the various resources to the direct construction costs: material, labor and equipment. This approach proved to be so successful, that Cleopatra will also be used in the future to generate more parametric models and eventually provide the costs for all their projects. 

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