Get more insight into Cost Engineering’s visit through the US & Canada

Cost Engineering has traveled through the US & Canada to meet and engage with the companies in the region. We also participated in the Seminar ‘The future of project controls: An integrated solution’ with a presentation led by our Vice President Business.

The US & Canada Roadshow

Cost Engineering traveled through the US and Canada from March 20 to April 7. Following the success of the previous roadshows in 2016, this time we visited 6 different cities throughout the US and Canada.

The roadshow was realized with the main objective to meet face-to-face with various companies in the region to talk about their project control challenges and show the benefits of a professional software solution. For Cost Engineering, the meetings provided the opportunity to discuss the project controls challenges these companies face. Also, we showed the importance of using an integrated project controls approach and how Cost Engineering’s professional software Cleopatra Enterprise enables this integrated approach.

Cost Engineering offers a professional software solution – Cleopatra Enterprise – for integrated cost estimating, cost control and benchmarking.


The Seminar 'The future of project controls: An integrated solution'

In Calgary, Canada, the seminar ‘The future of project controls: An integrated solution’ was held on March 30, 2017, hosted by the International Project Controls Institute (i-PCI). The seminar was led by Stefan Bakker, Cost Engineering’s Vice President Business.

The seminar attracted over 40 cost engineering and project controls professionals who discussed the need for an integrated approach between cost estimating and cost control. The attendees were also able to explore the benefits of using an integrated approach which was explained by using practical examples.


Throughout our Roadshow and the Seminar, Cost Engineering has increased the awareness of the total cost management framework and provided the pathway to a more efficient and effective project controls environment.

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