Cleopatra selected by one of the world’s largest oil field services companies, headquartered in Texas, to improve their cost estimating process

The agreement for the enterprise site license of Cleopatra Enterprise will provide an unlimited number of users with access to Cleopatra and will help the organization prepare reliable cost estimates.

One of the world’s largest oil field services companies has selected Cleopatra Enterprise as their Project Cost Management Software. With Cleopatra, the fullstream oil and gas company will be able to prepare solid and trustworthy cost estimates for their projects from Subsea Production Systems to Renewable Energy. The combination of powerful tools and cloud-based technology will also allow the company to apply the ‘anywhere anytime’ approach.

The enterprise site license obtained by the organization will provide an unlimited number of users with access to Cleopatra. This will allow the business units in different regions to implement Cleopatra and meet the requirements of the cost estimates ranging from the very first conceptual estimate up to a definitive estimate.

As an integrated project controls solution, Cleopatra offers cost estimating, scheduling, cost management, and benchmarking in one system. It helps companies make reliable cost estimates, as well as better monitor and control their projects in the entire project life cycle. As the next step, the fullstream oil and gas company will be exploring the new Benchmark module of Cleopatra Enterprise.

The big data analytics capabilities of Cleopatra Benchmark let organizations capture the project data to find meaningful cost relations in large datasets. This paves the way for improvements in cost estimations and also serves as a corporate memory for high-level decision making.

“Projects have truly become more complex, increasing the need for the right project control tool.” said Stefan Bakker, VP Business US of Cleopatra Enterprise. “By leveraging the digital technologies, companies now can increase data usability, improve their project cost management processes and move towards a situation of continuous improvement. We are excited to work with organizations who embrace new technologies and who are focused on improving their project performances.”


About Cleopatra Enterprise

Cleopatra Enterprise is the innovative Project Cost Management Software for the industry. With a mission to help companies complete projects within time and budget, Cleopatra integrates cost estimating, scheduling, cost management and benchmarking.

For more than 20 years, Cleopatra Enterprise has been used by more than 500 industry-leading companies in 75 countries to control technical projects and improve the project performance.

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