Cleopatra selected by one of the largest corporations in the US

The company headquartered in the US will boost its project controls capabilities, complete projects more rapidly and within or below budget and maximize capital investments by integrating different project controls disciplines with Cleopatra Enterprise.

After an extensive evaluation process to identify the right tool, the global producer and distributor of grains and other agricultural products has selected Cleopatra Enterprise in November 2017. The evaluation process that lasted for one year included a Proof of Concept that demonstrated how Cleopatra would help them achieve their project and business objectives.

The selection of Cleopatra Enterprise will act as a blueprint for worldwide roll out to all the business units in different regions such as Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa.

The advanced Project Cost Management Software Cleopatra Enterprise will furnish the company with Integrated Project Controls that is aligned with the Total Cost Management framework of the AACE to meet the requirements of large and complex projects while also providing cost savings and increased efficiency.

With a commitment to improving project performance, the global producer and distributor of agricultural products is making this investment to support different multi-disciplinary project teams such as estimating, scheduling, cost control, project management, and IT.

Using its advanced technology, which provides standardized reporting structures as well as big data analytics, Cleopatra Enterprise enables the company to close the loop between cost estimating and cost management. Now, common terminology and methods can create alignment between the teams, estimates can be adjusted, cost management can be performed more efficiently, and lessons learned can be used to improve the success of future projects.

“The need for organizations to apply Integrated Project Controls becomes more and more looming as the projects get larger and more complex.” said Christiaan des Bouvrie, CEO at Cost Engineering, the owner company of Cleopatra Enterprise. “As research has shown, the performance of technical projects has stagnated for years, with 64 percent of projects facing cost overruns and 73 percent reporting schedule delays. A major root cause of the failing projects is treating project controls as the collection of individual disciplines. Organizations must start applying Integrated Project Controls and close the loop between cost estimating and cost management.”

Stefan Bakker, VP Business US at Cost Engineering, added: “By including cost estimating, scheduling, cost management, and benchmarking in one system, Cleopatra Enterprise is committed to helping organizations capture value from today’s technology and make reliable cost estimates, as well as better monitor and control their projects in entire project life cycle. Also, the big data analytics capabilities of Cleopatra let organizations capture and benchmark the project data to find meaningful relations in large datasets. This paves the way for productivity improvements.”

About Cleopatra Enterprise

Cleopatra Enterprise is the innovative Project Cost Management Software for the industry. It is the only tool integrating cost estimating, scheduling, cost management and benchmarking.

For more than 20 years, Cleopatra Enterprise has been used by more than 500 industry-leading companies in 75 countries to control large technical projects and improve the project performance.


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