The field of cost estimating lends itself quite nicely to parametric modelling. A little information on a new project can snowball into quite comprehensive cost estimation. Total cost management starts with getting a high quality cost estimateion. Get a good basis so that you can later on use it for cost control and project controls. Good project cost management starts with good cost estimating software. Good cost estimating software should give the user the option of parametric modelling.

What are key benefits of parametric modelling

  • The models are based on previous experience, data you can validate yourself
  • You know the outcome of a model based on your inputs
  • The same level of quality cost estimation is available always
  • Changes in the work field, new parameters, fresh reality can always be fed back into the model
  • A good model grows with your needs
  • A minimum of input effort reaps great rewards
  • Anybody can create an estimate if the boundaries of the model are clear
  • Variants Alternative are easily created and compared
  • What was time consuming now becomes a flick of a button
  • The range of uses is quite limitless froorm a cost model for a heat exchanger to a model for a complete plant

Should we always use parametric modelling?

Models have predefined boundaries and therefore limited accuracy. Parametric models are excellent to get early figures but should later on be substituted with more accurate data that complies with the phase the project is in. In general what you put in is determines what you get out. The more flexibility your cost estimation software has, the better your results will be. Some parties even provide software with out-of-the-box cost models which can be both a huge time and budget saver.

The Missing Link

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