Roadshow Eastern Europe

The Power of Integrated Project Controls

Tomorrow's project controls

Today’s complex projects call for an integrated and structured work process to ensure they are completed on time and within budget. This requires a better integration of cost estimating, scheduling, risk analysis, cost control and benchmarking.

From April 24th until May 5th, Cost Engineering Consultancy will be traveling through Eastern Europe to meet with various companies and discuss about our passion, Total Cost Management. A number of planned destinations have been listed here, but additional locations could be considered based on interest.

We will be showcasing Cleopatra Enterprise, and how it enables companies to implement Total Cost Management best practices through an integrated project controls solution.

April 24th - May 5th Hungary, Romania, Poland,
Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic,
Azerbaijan, Turkey

Cleopatra Enterprise is the first software solution that is built around the AACE International TCM Framework®, the globally recognized body of knowledge for Total Cost Management. This makes Cleopatra Enterprise the perfect tool to support an integrated project controls approach, whereby projects can be managed from cost estimating until cost control and close-out.


Although the agenda can be tailored to your interests, the following topics can be discussed:

What is the AACE International TCM Framework?

How can your organization benefit from a better integration between cost estimating, scheduling and cost control?

Showcase of TCM using Cleopatra Enterprise for conceptual to detail estimating, as well as scheduling, cost control and Earned Value Management (EVM).

Open discussion on challenges in your project organization

Why Cleopatra Enterprise?

Cleopatra Enterprise offers many great benefits to your organization:

The only tool to offer true cost estimating and cost control functionality

Adaptable to your organization, yet easy-to-use

Advanced project analytics and benchmarking for better insight into project performance

Industry standard cost data available

Supported by experienced and certified cost engineers

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